Steven Sommerfeld

July 31st, 2020

steve_posterwebLifestyle Therapies has sponsored professional motocross rider Steven Sommerfeld. You can visit Steve’s website here. Click on our blog category Steven Sommerfeld and you will see some of the amazing injuries that motocross riders sometimes are afflicted with and the type of treatment physiotherapists at Lifestyle Therapies offer.

We saw a great synergy with sponsoring  a professional extreme sport athlete as while we hope they remain injury free, the very nature of their sport puts them in a high risk category of fairly serious injuries such as broken bones and serious bruising. We are not happy to report that Steve has given us quite an opportunity to demonstrate some of our cutting edge treatment regimes for fast recovery from injury so he can get back to his sport sooner.

So far we have had broken ankles, corked thighs and aches and pain from previous injuries. Steve has been very impressed with his treatment response when compared to previous injuries, particularly with the difference that Q magnets and physiotherapy have made to his injury recovery.

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