Can you retrain your pain system??

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Dr Ross Walker discusses magnet field therapy for pain relief – Radio 2UE Healthy Living

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Dr Ross Walker as an eminent cardiologist is always worth listening to. Click on the image to learn more about his Healthy Living segments.

We have provided a transcript of the interview with some links to the supporting documents and quoted studies.

Introduction by host David Prior of 2UE:
People have been using magnets for a long time now, third century AD the Greeks were actually treating arthritis with magnets. Medieval doctors used magnets to treat gout, poisoning and also baldness, believe it or not. Today, magnets are popular for pain relief for shoe insoles, bracelets, head bands, belts and mattress pads. So, can magnets bring about better health doctor Ross? What is the research?

Dr Ross Walker:
OK, last week (link to last week’s show) I was mentioning that I have trialled magnets for pain relief, I’ve trialled the Scenar therapy and I’ve also trialled the Pain Master. All of which have given me enormous relief, which I think is a good thing. I don’t think you need the very rigid randomised controlled clinical trials that you might need for strong pharmaceutical agents that also have the potential for harm or for significant surgical procedures. Alex called up and said I shouldn’t be condoning or advising therapy that doesn’t have proper science. He said there was a Cochrane Review that said that magnets don’t help at all, that it’s basically just snake oil salesman stuff.

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Great video with experts discussing treatment options and difficulties with chronic pain…

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Very interesting comment by the GP in the panel discussion of how he now identifies a “good” physiotherapist. Enjoy…




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“7 Vital Facts You Should Know About Pain Relief Magnets, but Don’t”

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The free report  –

“7 Vital Facts You Should Know About Pain Relief Magnets, but Don’t”

is now available from the Q magnet website, click on the report below to go to the download page.

"7 Vital Facts You Should Know About Pain Relief Magnets, but Don't"

"7 Vital Facts You Should Know About Pain Relief Magnets, but Don't"

Chronic Pain Research – Attitudes and Behaviour

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A recent study at Johns Hopkins Medicine has shown that a person’s positive attitude may be just as effective as a painkiller if they can successfully put the pain out of their mind. The more optimistic outlook will also lead to better sleep.


Key Points:

  • 80% of chronic pain sufferers experience sleep disturbance
  • People with altered sleep patterns are more sensitive to pain
  • There was a direct correlation between negative thinking about pain and poor sleep
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy can be just as effective as pain medication
  • You change the way you feel by changing the way you think

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Biofeedback for back pain

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Biofeedback is an established learning method, whereby a person learns how to control a bodily function through measurement and feedback. In another cutting edge development Lifestyle Therapies physiotherapist John Havill has developed a world class device and system for posture correction using biofeedback.

Called Spineangel, this medical device is the perfect posture trainer for patients suffering from recurrent back pain.

This is important because poor posture and movement are a major driver of recurrent back pain.

Have a look through the information on the link above on how it works, the published research and a number of remarkable case studies.

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Beautiful story about the restorative power of music.

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I do wonder how many sceptics would privately or publicly call for double blind randomised controlled studies before experimenting with such “controversial” therapy, or should we say enjoyment. Sometimes common sense needs to prevail, kind of like this case study on using magnetic therapy for faster recovery with soft tissue injuries and mirror therapy. When a therapy is simple, inexpensive, no risk and demonstrates obvious benefits what motivates practitioners to ignore or even oppose it?


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Spineangel to the rescue after 3 years of persistent back pain – relief at last.

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Catherine is a 39 yr old business consultant who injured her back when emptying the dishwasher in 2008.  She has suffered 3 years of persistent right low back and right leg pain. The intensity of her pain was commonly 7/10 NRS and worsened by bending, sitting, home activities and gardening.

Catherine was able to flex to the knees only, when supporting her trunk weight with her hands. She had impulse pain but no neurological signs. Her range of lumbar extension was 50%. She was acutely tender to palpate over the low lumbar spine. Straight leg raise were bilaterally 80 degrees with no sensitisation.

Chiropractic manipulation and physiotherapy was of no lasting benefit.  She was not considered a surgical candidate by her medical team.


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Low back pain and bilateral Sciatica. A Spineangel® Case Study

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Current Subjective History

Maria is a 47 year old, 178 cm tall, primary school teacher. She is fit and healthy, exercising regularly with walking and kayaking.

On Jan 10th 2012 Maria had an acute flare low back radiating bilaterally  down the posterior of her legs as far as the heals. Maria was unable to sit and struggled to do the normal activities of daily living with pain levels at 7/10 NRS. Maria admitted to some ongoing low back pain issues over the 2 years, but this tended to be local and settled without needing any medical intervention.

Objective Examination

Maria had grossly restricted lumbar flexion, was acutely tender to palpate the low lumbar spine and had bilateral restriction of SLR to 60 degrees, which was positive to dorsiflexion sensitisation. Reflexes and muscle strength were normal.

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Changing lives, improving families

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My friend Tony is a great graphic designer. He was also a patient of our Wynnum/Manly chiropractor Dr Anne Crick before the family moved back to New Zealand.

Unbeknown to me, Tony took his one year old son Joshua to see Anne because he was a very agitated baby and as a photographer Tony was yearning to capture a smile. I’m glad he never asked for my opinion, because to be honest I would have been hesitant to recommend a one year old to a chiropractor. A very happy ending…Click on the image below and see what Tony created and emailed to me…

Joshua's Smile

He's All Smiles Now