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Successful application for magnetic fields to treat depression

Researcher and professor of psychiatry, Dr. Mark George said “We have settled a fundamental question about [transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS] therapy, which is: ‘Does it work?’” And “The answer is ‘yes.’

Just like the MRI, TMS is another innovative use for magnetic therapy that relies on the unique properties of magnetic field gradients.  Just like Q magnets and their powerful pain relieving abilities, magnetic field gradients are at the cutting edge of science and health care.

TMS machines work by passing short bursts of electricity through coils, which produce very dense and defined magnetic fields and small shifts or turns in the coils generate strong magnetic field gradients. The field gradients induce currents in the adjacent nerves within underactive areas of the brain which are related to depression, which is thought to be how they work.


Great news, a new therapy by researchers to treat depression and it doesn’t involve drugs, who would have thought it was possible!

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