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Long term disc pain successfully treated and surgery avoided.

By Angela Bordignon – recent patient of Dianne Hermans.

I have had a disc issue for about 15 years, mainly concerning deterioration and a herniated disc at L5/S1, which I have managed very successfully via chiropractic treatment.  Twelve months ago I started experiencing major spasms in my back, developed sciatica down one leg and had constant hipflexor tightness.  After 8 months of weekly visits to my chiropractor we realised things weren’t getting any better so I had an MRI scan and was referred to a neurosurgeon in preparation for a potential disk operation to remove the herniation, which was causing my sciatica. At that point, I felt surgery might be my only option but wanted to try the chronic pain guaranteed service with Lifestyle Therapies before I committed to surgery.  I now realise that if the symptoms aren’t subsiding after 12 weeks of consistent treatment, you probably need to try something else.

When I contacted Lifestyle Therapies and commenced the chronic pain guaranteed service, I was in chronic pain and discomfort daily (and had been for 8 months).  I have always been a very active person but was at a stage where my disc issue was having a considerable effect on all areas of my life (physically, mentally and emotionally).  I didn’t like to take pain killers, unless I was in crisis mode, as I found they caused more problems for my digestive system.  I was unable to exercise other than walk slowly, was constantly stiff, couldn’t sit for any longer than 30 minutes at a time.  I was becoming quite depressed and tied of trying not to be depressed!!

I felt Lifestyle Therapies offered a wide range of services which seemed to cover all areas of health in relation to my situation and I felt I would be in good hands.  I found the team very friendly and the environment very relaxing. The initial evaluation was very thorough compared to anything I had experienced before.  After a lengthy assessment, massage and ultra sound, they taped two Q magnets to specific areas of my body to alleviate the pain caused by my pinched sciatic nerve.  It was also suggested I may have issues with iliopsoas muscles. I was provided some reading material and after reading this, I fully believe this has been a major contributing factor to my issue. I left with more hope of a recovery than I’d felt in a long time.

My expectations around Q magnet therapy were positive as I believe you should keep an open mind to new treatments.  I had a lot of questions though and the team at Lifestyle Therapies have always taken the time to explain the issue in layman’s terms not to mention been very honest.  Two weeks following my first visit my pain and muscle spasms had subsidised. Then following weekly appointments for approximately 4-5 months I am now completely pain free and have finally removed my beloved Q magnet and feel amazing.

Lifestyle Therapies have had a huge affect on all areas of my life and I mean ALL AREAS. I know my disc issue is a pinch of salt in the ocean, compared to some people’s health issues. I think when you have lived a generally pain free life and you know the issue your experiencing isn’t going to kill you, but isn’t going away all the same, it’s very frustrating. I am an outgoing person and I personally needed to find a solution or be told it was going to be this way forever and then I could accept it.  I remember thinking that footie players hurt themselves like this every weekend and recover through treatment so there’s no reason why I can’t. I have obviously also had to make some changes in my life to maintain my pain free status like the way I bend to pick things up, do my house cleaning, sit at work and stretch every day. This has not been limiting at all though as the more I did it, the habit formed.

I have recently joined the gym again, plan to start kayaking soon.  I don’t felt my back restricts me in any way shape or form. I just need to remember it is a little weaker now but if I look after myself and be careful, it will hopefully be just fine.  Thanks to Di and the team at Lifestyle Therapies I have a drug free natural pain relief solution that actually works and doesn’t seem to have any negative impacts.

I owe a lot to the team at Lifestyle Therapies as they have changed my life. I only wish I had gone to see them sooner.  I highly recommend the Q magnet therapy for natural pain relief. I was unsure at first, but I had nothing to lose and look where I am today. There’s nothing better in life than being pain free!

Angela Bordignon – May, 2010

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