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Spineangel to the rescue after 3 years of persistent back pain – relief at last.

April 27th, 2012



Catherine is a 39 yr old business consultant who injured her back when emptying the dishwasher in 2008.  She has suffered 3 years of persistent right low back and right leg pain. The intensity of her pain was commonly 7/10 NRS and worsened by bending, sitting, home activities and gardening.

Catherine was able to flex to the knees only, when supporting her trunk weight with her hands. She had impulse pain but no neurological signs. Her range of lumbar extension was 50%. She was acutely tender to palpate over the low lumbar spine. Straight leg raise were bilaterally 80 degrees with no sensitisation.

Chiropractic manipulation and physiotherapy was of no lasting benefit.  She was not considered a surgical candidate by her medical team.


Lumbar mechanical back pain with right sciatic irritation.  No psychosocial issues were identified as likely to be restricting her recovery.


A  Spineangel® biofeedback device was clipped to Catherine’s belt for 10 days.  This provided biomechanical biofeedback in her work, home and leisure environments. Spineangel was set to enable full range of movements but to protect her against sustained flexed postures with the biofeedback enabling her to modify such activities while restoring function.

Catherine was able to clip the Spineangel® device to her belt daily without needing any professional assistance. This is possible because it is fully automated with no skin attached sensors or wires. The imbedded intelligence in Spineangel enables it to modify its biofeedback continuously based on any changes in spinal flexibility.



Catherine reduced flexion loading significantly across a broad range of activities including meal preparation, house cleaning, dishwashing, lawn mowing, vacuuming, walking uphill etc. She continues to hear the biofeedback alarm during activities weeks after stopping wearing Spineangel®, further reinforcing the changes she made.

  • Pain level reduction has been from 7/10 to 1/10
  • Full spinal flexion, extension and side flexion.
  • Renewed confidence in function, with empowered biomechanical awareness.


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