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Accomodating for eating style could help reduce inches off the waste line

Hearty portioner’s have difficulty stopping eating at the buffet, their problem is they eat too much in single sittings.

Grazer’s or Mindless Muncher’s snack steadily throughout the day. 

If you are both, I’d say you really have some problems, but there is a strategy for each.


  • The most important thing for the Hearty Portioner is to slow down your eating as they typically eat too fast.
  • Next is to portion your food in such as way as to fill your plate with the low energy dense foods such as salads and vegetables and keep the energy rich foods such as meat, cheese and anything oily or deep fried such as chips (fries) in smaller portions to the side.
  • As much as possible try to avoid buffet style eating where you can fill up your plate as much as possible and keep going back.  Sometimes it’s best to simply avoid the temptation.


  • The Grazer usually has no idea how much they have eaten on any given day. So for a week they need to keep a diary and record exactly what they eat, yes even that little biscuit or piece of chocolate. 
  • The next thing is to plan your meals. Plan what you are going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner so your body knows it’s not going to starve and can look forward to each meal.
  • Finally if you are going to graze, make sure you have on hand healthy munch foods such as carrot or celery and dip or a date. If chips and chocolate tend to be a problem, then simply have a rule that they are not allowed inside the house except if you have to, for special occasions such as parties.
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