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Can you retrain your pain system??

November 3rd, 2017 No comments

Chronic Pain Research – Attitudes and Behaviour

June 23rd, 2012 No comments


A recent study at Johns Hopkins Medicine has shown that a person’s positive attitude may be just as effective as a painkiller if they can successfully put the pain out of their mind. The more optimistic outlook will also lead to better sleep.


Key Points:

  • 80% of chronic pain sufferers experience sleep disturbance
  • People with altered sleep patterns are more sensitive to pain
  • There was a direct correlation between negative thinking about pain and poor sleep
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy can be just as effective as pain medication
  • You change the way you feel by changing the way you think

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Finally, relief after 13 year chronic pain history

August 9th, 2010 No comments

Adrian presented for physiotherapy on the 8th June, 2010 and was interested in the Chronic, Complex and Repetitive Pain Therapy services on offer at Lifestyle Therapies.

Adrian had complaints of upper back pain that he had suffered for more than 14 years. His symptoms had progressively worsened in the previous four years and recently became unbearable. He also had a history of a frozen shoulder that occurred 12 months ago. Adrian was emotionally frustrated having to deal with the pain for so long with minimal relief after seeing several different therapists, including an acupuncturist, physiotherapist, multiple chiropractors, rheumatologist and musculoskeletal doctor.

On Assessment
On assessment, the findings included:
• Muscle tightness especially in the Upper Trapezius, Rhomboids, Posterior Scalene muscles.
• Tender on palpation in the upper thoracic region with hyperactive trigger points.
• Poor posture
• and weak shoulder stabilisers.

It was determined that Adrian’s chronic pain had caused inhibition to muscle activation and increased muscle tightness which resulted in weakness and poor posture. Adrian’s goal for treatment were to decrease the symptoms frequency and to return to doing specific exercises and stretches that he has not be able to do in a long time.

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Q magnets fast track treatment progression after 10 year chronic pain history.

June 1st, 2010 No comments

Case Study by physiotherapist Emma Gray B.Phty – May 2010

Sharon presented to me on the 28th April for physiotherapy after reading our website. She was quite interested in the chronic pain treatments that we offer at Lifestyle Therapies.

Sharon had a car accident in 2000 in which she fractured her left ankle. Since then she has developed lower back and upper back pain and her ankle was still very painful and limited in range.

Sharon has been in pain for 10years and has also been through multiple therapists and therapies and has depression.

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Chronic pain awareness growing as a disease in its own right

October 23rd, 2009 1 comment

There is a move on by chronic pain experts to have it recognised as a disease in its own right. A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald quotes Professor Michael Cousins saying…”Chronic pain, which affects one in five people and costs the economy about $34.4 billion a year, is the third-most expensive health problem in Australia but most sufferers were still seen as malingerers or drug seekers by general practitioners and busy emergency department staff“.

Chronic pain treatment is rated as very poor within the health system. While there is so much bad news about the treatment of chronic pain, Lifestyle Therapies recently launched a guaranteed service for sufferers. The intention behind the guarantee is to offer chronic pain sufferers one week to assess the treatment from key practitioners such as principal physiotherapist Dianne Hermans. Dianne has over 20 years experience as a physiotherapist and has presented and lectured around the world on treating complex and chronic pain conditions with modalities such as Q magnets.

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