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The science of recurring back pain

Even with the successful treatment of Lower Back Pain, the research shows it tends to recur. While undergoing treatment the patient is full of enthusiasm and adheres well to advice and programs. They see the benefits at the end of the treatment, feel empowered and notice the improvement and are very knowledgeable about their problem. However after treatment has finished, when asked if they would continue to carry out the prescribed exercises at home, many were so much better they didn’t feel the need and because of a lack of time couldn’t see themselves carrying on with their exercises. So what does this tell us?

lower Back Pain

lower Back Pain

Should our therapists relinquish any responsibility for patient outcomes after they have been discharged and expect re-occurrences? Clearly this a choice for each and every patient and what we do at Lifestyle Therapies is offer a range of take home therapies, self management programs and ongoing exercise programs such as Pilates. This provides the patient with a range of post treatment support that will reduce the chances of the injury recurring. Post treatment support includes:
Pilates classes – both larger mat classes and small group equipment classes
– Home programs – printed with diagrams
– Advice and education – with regard to prevention
– A range of educational materials including Pilates and stretching DVD’s and a range of books.
– Self massage tools including Muscle Mate
– Ergonomic changes and advice
– Ongoing preventative physiotherapy treatment
– Self-management tools including Q magnets and ice packs.

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