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Chronic pain and its insidious onset can be debilitating and affects every facet of your life. At Lifestyle Therapies we are passionate about helping patients live pain free. We use advanced treatment protocols to minimise pain and restore function which is the key to your pathway to recovery.


We understand that many sufferers of chronic and complex pain have invested a lot of time and money in therapy and treatments in the hope to find answers. We also acknowledge that while we are very confident with our clinical outcomes, we may not be able to help everyone.


That's why we offer a money back guarantee. If after the first week of treatment you have not made significant progress or are not confident that you are in the right place, we will gladly refund your money.


Click Here to learn what to expect and why we are confident enough in our treatment protocols to offer a 100% money back patient guarantee.

see some of our case studies that have been presented at national and international conferences.


Our priority is to make sure you receive world class service using the latest technology and treatment protocols specific to your needs.


If you or someone you know suffers from chronic or complex pain, call 07 3396 9111 to make an appointment at our Manly West clinic.


What makes lifestyle therapies unique?

Practice principal, Dianne Hermans is a world authority in using neuromagnetic therapy for treating chronic and complex pain and has treated thousands of cases with this technology.


We use cutting edge technology with evidence based science behind the techniques and protocols to provide chronic and complex pain sufferers a pathway to recovery.


Some of our treatments do not fit within the mainstream medical model, which is solidly focused on pain medication and surgery. This is important, since if the mainstream treatments worked in all cases, chronic persistent pain would cease to be such a prominent problem in society.




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