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john havill
Dip.Phty (Otago), NZRP, icmdt



John HavillJohn Havill is a very experienced physiotherapist, graduating from Otago University in Dunedin in 1982. Over the years, John has developed a keen interest in treating neck and back (spinal) pain in addition to his expertise in sports. In fact, through his problem solving skills, John has developed a world leading technology in spinal biomechanics that is helping patients prevent recurrent back pain.

Technically called a Cumulative Functional Spinal Biomechanical Analysis and Biofeedback device, the Spineangel as it's called acts as a postural personal trainer. It's like having your physio with you every waking moment, teaching you to move and sit with the correct postures thereby reducing and preventing the recurrence of back pain.

John has always had a passion for professional development and research and has built up a wide range of professional skills such as acupuncture, manipulative therapy, McKenzie mechanical diagnosis, trigger point therapy and postural correction.

John in internationally accredited in the mechanical diagnosis and therapy of the spine with the McKenzie Institute International.

John also had experience with quadrapolar magnets while practicing in New Zealand and saw some remarkable results with patients with chronic conditions. This fits in well with the ongoing research with Q magnets here at Lifestyle Therapies in the treatment of chronic and persistent pain.



  1. New Zealand and Australian Registered Physiotherapist
  2. Internationally accredited in mechanical diagnosis and therapy (McKenzie Method)
  3. Manipulative Physiotherapy
  4. Classical Acupuncturist and Dry Needling
  5. Sports Medicine
  6. Research and development into back pain management with University of Otago since 2006



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