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Q magnet stories:


Dianne Hermans

The stories below are from real people. Patients we have treated over time who because of the significant difference we were privileged to make in their lives, have offered their stories in order to provide hope to others suffering from debilitating pain.


As a treatment modality, Q magnets can be used directly over the pain and/or centrally over the nerve that innovates that area. I expect the type of outcomes that are talked about here in around 80% of cases.


Dianne Hermans - Principal Physiotherapist


Dianne Hermans is a senior physiotherapist with a special interest in complex pain. Dianne has worked extensively with the neurologist who originally invented Quadrapolar magnets for the treatment of pain - Dr Robert Holcomb. She is currently enrolled in a Masters program at Griffith University and is conducting a double-blind Randomised Controlled trial using Q magnets. Dianne has trained hundreds of health professionals in the use and application of Q magnets.



This is the story as told by Stephanie Kennar: Stephanie_Kennar

In late June 2008, I visited my GP as I was experiencing thoracic pain around my ribs and under my right arm pit. The GP referred me immediately to the Mercy Breast Unit where I saw Dr Elaine Bevington. I was reassured somewhat by the ultrasound results but the pain started to intensify.


Over the next month the pain became unbearable and I saw 4 different GP’s seeking answers. The pain was like having a bulldog clip pinching the skin very tightly and it was shooting in different directions. No one could confidently identify the cause of the pain which was somewhat complicated as the ultrasound was clear. At this time I was taking up to 10 Nurofen Plus per day but this would only slightly take the edge off the pain.


I then saw a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and an osteopath but nothing seemed to be working. The pain was making me take days off work, causing vomiting and seriously interrupting my life.


On the 29th September I forced myself to go out to a business diner and was in a lot of discomfort. At this meeting, I met physiotherapist Dianne Hermans. Most of the pain was in the lymph nodes under the arm and into the breast and shoulder blades. Dianne had a Q magnet with her and some tape and she showed me where to place it while we were in the restaurant. I experienced pain relief from 7-8/10 to 2-3/10 within just 2-3 minutes – I could hardly believe it!

After experiencing immediate relief with just one Q magnet, this lasted for a few days. I then purchased two more devices and used them under my arm pit for a couple of weeks. I then kept one under the arm pit and moved the other just under the shoulder blade.


After a few weeks of using the Q magnets, I became very confident with them and would take them off for a day at a time. Then my husband took them for relief from a work injury. Now I can be without them for 2-3 days and when I feel the pain coming back, I tape them back on – one under the arm pit and the other at the base of the shoulder blade. When the pain returns, it is still the same except no where near as intense. The only difficulty in using the Q magnets has been the tape and I am now looking at a brace that I can sew them into.

Stephanie Kennar

Women in Mortgage Business Network
WIMBN Manager





Lynette Palmen's story:

Lynette Palmen

"For someone who had suffered such excruciating pain for so many years I could not believe that my pain could be stopped in its tracks by these tiny yet amazing devices.

From a scale of 10 - 1 (10 being the worst and 1 being the least) I had spent the best part of a decade sitting on an 8. Since being treated with Q magnets I now spend the majority of my life sitting on 2 - 4. Q magnets give me such amazing pain relief that some days I don't even feel like I have a spinal injury.

"They have changed my life's path completely..."

Better still since wearing Q magnets I have come off all heavy medication, I don't have constant relapses sending me into hospital for weeks on end and aggressive spinal surgery is now on the back burner.

"Take it from someone who tried everything - these amazing devices work."

When I am in pain now, it's not because it's time to take my next drug it's because I have removed the magnets from my back (which are permanently placed with surgical tape) to go for a swim or to soak in a bath.

Lynette Palmen AM

Founder and Managing Director of Women's Network Australia



Lucretia Diplan is a retired doctor from Maryland in the US, this is her documented experience in using Q magnets to treat her daughters MS-induced trigeminal neuralgia.
Diplan I ordered the magnets for my 45-year-old daughter who has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for 15 years. As part of the nerves demyelination process characteristic of this terrible autoimmune non-curable disease, she developed last year trigeminal neuralgia with excruciating pain firing along the mandibula. 

The first placement did not work:

I applied first the two tiny magnets (MiniQ’s) along her jaw, one up next to the ear and the second on the spot where the pain is originating. She kept the magnets on her skin day and night for a full week with no relief whatsoever.  For another 10 days she wore the two medium magnets on the same spots on her jaw as the first ones. No result, not even a slight alleviation. We are strong believers in the therapeutic action of magnetic fields. The neurologist who sees my daughter suggested we try therapeutic magnetic and he gave us your website where we ordered them. Unfortunately they did not work for my daughter although she was so hopeful that they will at least blunt the trigeminal neuralgia.

Physiotherapist and Clinical Educator for Q magnets, Dianne Hermans suggested the following placements:

I have had two patients with this exact condition that the ProQ's have worked wonderfully for them. You seem to have placed them in the right position, you will need to use the Pro's for the best effect, the MiniQ's will be too small for the job.


Place one over the temperomandibular joint which should be the main access to the trigeminal nerve.


One other placement I could suggest is to place one ProQ over the temperomandibular joint and the other at the base of the skull at the occiput over the basilar artery. You can use the MiniQ over the area where the pain originates, but the larger Pro's should be used over the larger nerve structures.

You could even try moving the one over the TMJ around a little to see if you get a better effect. If they are in the right place and are going to work, the effects should be felt almost immediately or at the most a day. Don't feel you have to leave them on for days at a time without changing the position.


Here was the response from Lucretia a few weeks later:

I have excellent news.  After the original lack of response by using the two tiny magnets, we started on February 5 to use the big ProQ magnets we placed on the TMJ and base of the skull, respectively, per Miss Dianne’s instructions. There have been two weeks since THE TRIGEMINAL PAIN SUBSIDED ALTOGETHER. The improvement was significant in the first 24 hours and subsequently receded gradually in a few days.

My daughter is currently pain-free after having suffered excruciating and constant pain for over a year.

She took off both magnets 3 days ago but, of course, keep them handy, just in case. Can you believe that not even strong opiates managed to alleviate the pain but for very short periods of time, and my daughter refused, for good reasons, to increase the dosage as she did not want to get dependent on them.

Now, for the first time in a year, my daughter was able to move her tongue in her mouth when speaking without triggering terrible pain along the jaw.  Until then she was living on literally huge amounts of Orajel applied locally on the gums every 20 minutes, plus Oxicodon (she deliberately did not want to overuse to avoid dependency). She has not only been pain-free for a week now, but 2 days ago I removed the magnets from her skin to see if she can manage without them and SHE COULD.  We keep the magnets in a special box and a safe place for future uses (hopefully not to be needed!!).

God bless you and grant you the best of everything.



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