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Dianne Hermans and her journey with Q magnets:


Dianne Hermans

Dianne Hermans has a special interest in chronic and complex pain.


Dianne is not currently seeing patients, if you prefer to see a physiotherapist experienced with using Q magnets, we recommend Angela Melit at Graceville Physiotherapy.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland in 1988, Dianne's first placement was at the Royal Hobart Hospital. By 1991, Dianne was the senior neurosurgical physiotherapist and in 1994 commenced private practice in Manly West, a Brisbane bayside suburb.

In 2000, Dianne met the neurologist who originally invented Quadrapolar magnets for the treatment of pain - Dr Robert Holcomb MD, PhD. This was soon after she had used the devices to successfully treat her own whiplash injury, ceasing her need for regular pain medication.


At the time Dr Holcomb ran the Centre for Neuromagnetics at the Vanderbilt Medical University in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the next four years Dianne was taught by Dr Holcomb and had the privilege to learn from his extensive clinical reasoning skills


Dianne completed a pilot study as part of a Masters program at Griffith University where she conducted a double-blind Randomised Controlled trial using Q magnets to treat osteoarthritis of the knee. Dianne has trained hundreds of health professionals in the use and application of Q magnets. See some of Dianne's professional Case Study presentations here.


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