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Ankle update Day 28 by Steve Sommerfeld

This week I saw Emma twice for physiotherapy, I can hardly believe the progress I made. With physiotherapy and Q magnet treatment I went from two crutches to one crutch to no crutches in 3 days. The first time I saw Emma, she mobilised the joint and pushed me further than I could go and when I walked out I was walking the best I have with just the one crutch.  I had the proper walking movement only I just had to transfer my weight to the crutch as I walked through the stride.


On the second visit I did roughly an hour of constant exercises that Emma gave me and used the theraband as well to passively move my ankle as well as active.  I then went to see Emma in the afternoon and I could move my knee forward 3 more centimetres over my foot than the previous day.  Which I thought was a huge improvement. I have been wearing 5 Q magnets constantly on my ankle as you can see in the photo’s.

Thursday I felt quite sore from all the work I had done, but by lunch time I had warmed the joint up enough and I guess over the pain of it and I actually walked properly without crutches.

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