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This is one the simplest best things you can do for your health

The evidence of the benefits of turmeric as an anti-inflammatory and anti-disease food simply keeps mounting by the day. The benefits seem to stem from curcumin which is a component of the spice turmeric that is commonly found in curry. It gives the deep yellow colouring to foods and guess what – I found it in its natural root form at my favourite green grocer, the Big Mushroom in Cleveland.

Now I am no cook, but I have found lots of things to add this turmeric root to including mashed potatoes, soups and my favourite – eggs. Use olive oil to fry some onions, then slice in some tomato and garlic and add grated turmeric, it gives it this very pretty deep yellow colour. Then fry an egg with it and it’s simply delicious. It’s the deep colours in a lot of foods that indicate the presence of strong antioxidants like in the case of turmeric. Best of all, it has a very pleasant, yet subtle taste and is not overpowering or hot at all.

I encourage you to do some of your own research on the health benefits of turmeric and find a local supply and start adding it to your cooking today!

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