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Where to buy direct from the farm for fresh organic produce?

October 11th, 2010 No comments

Buying direct from the farmer has to be a no brainer. You get fruits and vegetables in season and fresh and the farmer gets value for their hard earned work. Travelling South of Murwillumbah about half way to Uki on the Kyogle Road in a place called Byangum you will see Avi’s place on your left. Like most organic farmers, the owner Avi has a real passion and love for what he does and produces a great product.

Avi & James, May 2010

Avi and Zehavit's Bio Organic Farm in Byangum N NSW.

If you’re travelling down that way stop into his farm shop and say hello from James at Lifestyle Therapies. The phone number is 02 6672 7078.

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Science is finally catching up – Happiness and Acne more about choices than genes.

October 8th, 2010 No comments

In a world where pharmaceutical companies control most of the research dollars and the prevailing dogma pedalled by scientists and media is that we are a victim to our genes and environment and medication and gene therapy hold the keys to our health, it’s refreshing to see these two pieces of research. In what I would consider nothing short of the bleeding obvious the two stories which you can click on below highlight the importance of personal choices and responsibility in determining the quality of our own health and wellbeing.

Professor Neil Mann, Professor of Human Nutrition at RMIT University conducted the acne study. He mentions in the interview that all the medical texts state that diet has no effect on acne. Is it any wonder most doctors practicing today have little idea about nutrition? This is what their taught in university by the professors, so why should they question it?

See the links below for the stories and audio:
Happiness more than gene deep.
The effect of diet on acne.

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